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Our Processes

Engagement Process

Evaluating retirement plan vendors can be a daunting task for business owners and plan fiduciaries. Having the knowledge to ask the right questions, understand complex fee structures, and determine if costs are competitive can be difficult. Our retirement plan consultants have the knowledge and expertise to assist in doing just that. By providing us with a few key pieces of information, we can provide a concise and transparent method to evaluate vendors.

Plan Sponsor Process

We use a rigorous six step process that helps ensure that Department of Labor and ERISA requirements are not just being met, but are exceeded. Northeast Planning Associates helps facilitate the process, documentation, and meetings. Process and documentation helps protect you, the plan sponsor. We will help you:

  1. Identify plan goals, objectives and shortfalls
  2. Implement fiduciary risk management program and document efforts
  3. Develop and implement an Investment Policy Statement
  4. Benchmark your plan’s expenses & review your providers
  5. Develop an effective participant education program
  6. Implement ongoing plan management schedule

Employee Education Process

Our education process is personalized for your organization, as well as for each of your employees, to help drive action. By helping your employees understand any potential gaps, solutions, and ongoing plans to keep them on track, they build confidence in their ability to make appropriate and timely decisions. We will help you:

  1. Understand industry standards and requirements
  2. Review participation, investment choices, etc.
  3. Survey and/or discuss employee needs & understanding
  4. Customize education program to meet needs
  5. Implement program: quarterly, semiannually, annually
  6. Evaluate results, adjust and set new objectives